How it works

Do you want vacation rentals and you’re tired of the middleman? Do you like renting to people you can’t talk to in advance.

vacation rentals

vacation rentals

Tired of getting paid after the rental.  Wouldn’t you like to be paid in ADVANCE? Then you came to the right place.  All you should do is sign up to take credit cards and we will do the rest for you.

We’ll make sure you’re on all the major websites and that you can take credit cards directly.

Why would you rent your place to anyone that you can’t talk to in advance and why would you get your money after they stay.

Try this website and you can talk directly to your customer take credit cards online and not be worried that someone will try to Stay at your home and then not pay you.

We work with all major websites and we can help you build your own website.  You don’t have to join anything just sign up to take credit cards.

List My Home For Rent and Accept Credit Cards